Chapter 1. Introduction and installation


Ideal Directory is a Joomla!extension which allows you to create a directory of business on your site. You'll be able to create a structured directory with all the business/location information and your website visitors will be able to either navigate using the directory or the interactive map.

Key features:

  • Business information with integration for better SEO, including, but not limited to:

    • Business Name;

    • Contact Person;

    • Address;

    • Telephone / Mobile;

    • Store/business hours;

    • Logo;

  • Google™ Maps integration:

    • Geolocation: The site visitor might choose to let the browser inform his location for better usability;

    • Auto Complete search box using the Places API;

    • Provide user directions from his location to the Business/store in the directory using Google Directions Service;

  • Server-side Clustering, which calculates the cluster in the server-side and loads to the user using AJAX technology. This is much faster than traditional Javascript clusters, specially when loading thousands of map markers at the same time;

  • Map sidebar sections are customizable, meaning you can add other related modules,saving space and making it easier for your users;

  • Business image gallery using CSS only (no Javascript), which means it is lighter, faster and responsive;

  • For high traffic websites the store map will be shown upon a click in order to increase website speed and specially to avoid Google Maps API usage fees;

  • Business Contact Form, using Joomla!™ Custom Form Fields; For greater flexibility you can add any number of Form Fields to the business contact form;

  • Automatic SEF URLs, compatible with Joomla!™ SEF options. There's no need for a third party component/plugin;

  • Compatibility with Joomla!™ core captcha plugins, therefore you can use any captcha plugin you'd like;

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