This section has the settings for the category page. The category page displays a set of sub-categories (if any) and the listings assigned to the current category. The available options are:

Choose Layout

The option to choose a different layout give the site administrator more control over the display of different views. Alternative layouts work in a similar fashion to the template override feature but allow you more options and control. A file is placed in the same folder where you place a template override file. For example, to create an alternative layout for the category (listings) view for the template "protostar", you would put a file in the folder /templates/protostar/html/com_idirectory/listings/. Different from the template override, the file must not be named the same as the core file and must not include underscores in the name. Additionally, there should not be an XML file of the same name in this folder.


The ordering in which to display the listings within the current category.


Whether to display the map and the position to display it.

Show logo

Whether or not to display a logo in the Category view. A fallback image can be configured in case the logo was not defined for a particular listing. Available options are:


Will display the listing logo. Will not fallback to any other image in case the logo is missing.

Fallback to first image

A listing might have several images. If the listing logo is missing it will fallback to the first image;

Fallback to category image

The category image will be displayed if there's no logo

Fallback to map image

If there's no logo image a map image will be displayed instead;


For this feature to work the Google Static Maps API must be enabled

Fallback to any

If there's no logo image iDirectory will try to get the first listing image, if there's no image it will fallback to the category image and if there's no category image it will fallback to the map image;

Image size

The image size in the widthxheight format. Example 300x250, where 300 is the width and 250 is the image height


Whether to display the "Featured" label for the Featured listings and which Bootstrap style to use.

Intro text

Whether or not to display the Intro text, which is a brief text to display before the listing's description.


Whether or not to display the listing's description.

Opening hours

Whether or not to display the listing's opening hours

Contact person

Whether or not to display the listing's contact person.


The format in which the address will be displayed.


Whether or not to display the Telephone field. One or more telephone numbers might be defined for each listing. If this option is enabled all of them will be displayed.


Whether or not to display the website address.

Social Networks

Whether or not to display the social networks. Each Social Network has it's own separate setting

Create date

Whether or not to display the listing's create date

Modified date

Whether or not to display the listing's modified date

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